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Organic Cotton | ECOCARE

Organic Cotton

Why Organic Cotton?

ECOCARE Organic Facial Wipes are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, making them both natural and biodegradable. Nasties like bleach or chemical binders are not used, so its just pure beautiful cotton on your skin. The non-woven cotton is soft enough for the skin and durable enough not to tear easily.

Cotton has been grown for thousands of years and is a natural and sustainable fibre, a more ethical choice than other artificial and blended materials commonly used. ECOCARE® wipes are soft on your skin and the environment. Using Organic Cotton for the wipe substrate itself is the only truly organic, natural and biodegradable type of wipe available.

DID YOU KNOW? Many other wipes are man made fibre, or processed fibre from viscose (tree sap and wood pulp) at best but usually also include polyester, plastics and papers.

Organic Cotton is so much better for the environment and your skin.

ECOCARE® also provides the largest sized wipe in the market, which is usually enough for a full face of makeup, so no need to waste more than one wipe at a time.

Lifecycle of our Cotton

Plant + Grow

Cotton comes from a seed and grows naturally in the earth. Our cotton is farmed sustainably. Organic Cotton farming provides a living for farmers and communities.

Harvest + Package

Cotton is picked and sorted, then pressed into non-woven sheets. We cut the cotton to size, and then pass it through the production line where wipes are soaked in our organic formulas, then wrapped as a product.

Charitable Giving

When you purchase our product from your favourite store, we donate a portion of the cost to our charity The ECOCARE Foundation. These funds go back into helping people and the environment.

Cleanse Skin

Cotton is beautiful and soft to use on your skin. Its gentle on you and the environment. It has a beautiful texture which helps to remove dirt, oils and makeup efficiently without being abrasive like other substrates.


Compost the cotton wipe where possible, or even in landfill it will degrade naturally. As cotton came from the earth, it’s the best substrate to go back into the earth safely.


Because it’s sustainable, we can repeat the process again.